Gregg Kowalsky + Jon Porras (of Barn Owl) au Sonic @ Sonic Lyon, Lyon [24 février]

Gregg Kowalsky + Jon Porras (of Barn Owl) au Sonic

20:30 - 23:30

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Sonic Lyon
face au 04 quai des Etroits, 69005 Lyon
Sonic présente

Samedi 24 fevrier 2018
8 euros

Gregg Kowalsky (US / Experimental Ambiant / Kranky)

LA resident Gregg Kowalsky completed an MFA in Electronic Music at Mills College in Oakland and recorded two solo albums, 2006's 'Through the Cardinal Window' and 2009's 'Tape Chants'. The last decade has seen Kowalsky concentrate on installations and conceptual pieces, alongside his work in Date Palms (his duo with Marielle Jakobsons). 'LOrange', released in November 2017 by Mexican Summer, is Kowalskys first solo album in eight years, is mainly sourced from analogue synths and mixed on a laptop; nodding to Terry Riley at times. «L'Orange is some of Kowalsky's most rewarding work yet.» (Drowned In Sound.)

Jon Porras (US / Experimental Ambiant /Thrill Jockey / Barn Owl)

Multi-instrumentalist Jon Porras has a reputation for making evocative, subtle music with a highly suggestive emotional hinterland. Porras is also the guitarist in Barn Owl (alongside Evan Caminiti), and has worked with Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, Stephen O'Malley, and visual artists Paul Clipson and Wilhelm Sasnal. 'Tokonoma', released in November 2017 by Geographic North, is Porras' 5th solo work,and the first since 2013's 'Light Divide' (released on Thrill Jockey).
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