1 Year Opening ◑ Witches are not what they seem @ Le Farmer, Lyon [du 29 au 31 mars]

1 Year Opening ◑ Witches are not what they seem

29 - 31
18:00 - 23:45

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Le Farmer
14 montée des Carmélites, 69001 Lyon
Faces in disguise.
Who is she? I don't know.
Inhuman. She tangles my mind like no other.

One look, she glances over your soul.
With her pale hues and feline eyes,
I have been baffledwith her tight grasp.

Tearing in my heart when the world falls apart,
And it's almost too hard.
Tearing in your mind, how the pain makes you blind,
When it's all said and done.

Marked with beauty, a maskhides her personality.
The possessor of the key to my heart,
She is a mystery.

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